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17. 03. 14
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Eunice engaging the participants during a meeting

Kibarani, an area that  neighbors the Makupa course-way to the South and the Mombasa-Nairobi Highway to the west, is an informal settlement in Jomvu sub county. The name of the area  relates to the time it was allocated as a shooting ground during the Moi regime. During the day, the area is a maze of activities from Jua Kali artisans to transporters plying the Mombasa-Nairobi highway transiting goods from the port of Mombasa to the hinterland.

Kibarani is also known to be a conflict hotspot on land issues, a hideout for criminal gangs and rogue business cartels, and numerous dens of illicit brew. Eunice, a peace ambassador,’’mama wa mtaa’’  and a resident of the area for over 10 years has struggled to enhance security in the area. The  relationship between locals in the area and government policing agencies has been antagonistic with the two constantly battling each other.

A peace initiative dubbed, ‘’Police café’’ by KECOSCE, through the Building Resilience in Civil Societies (BRICS) Project, is yielding fruits in a crime prone area. The initiative seeks to bring the police and key community leaders to discuss their security concerns and provide feedback to the community, as well as enhancing confidence and trust between the two parties. Eunice, being a beneficiary of these frequent engagements with the law enforcers, has taken upon herself to report about the security situations in the area which require quick police response.

She has purposed to gather information on a cartel that has been stealing food stuff from transporters enroute to Nairobi. Such foodstuffs include wheat and rice. Members of the cartel would waylay trackers and work with them to break off container seals before stealing the goods. 

 "After following up on the issue, I decided to speak up, as i came to understand that some of the rogue officers were also involved. Tuktuks used to transport stolen foodstuffs were not being stopped even in the presence of these rogue officers. When KECOSCE brought us closer to the Officer Commanding Station, through the police cafe,  I then shared the information with him. Right now that game has ended, the police officers are now providing security to the trailers and there are no cases reported that wheat has being taken away.”

17. 03. 14
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Beatrice addressing participants during a meeting
Tudor is one of the affluent suburbs of Mombasa, although the area also hosts one of the city's slums in Moroto, Most of the community live in gated communities of an urban set up. Youth from these communities are highly guarded and seldom interact with the police.  The relationship between the two then remains quite stretched and the level of knowledge on police operations and citizen involvement in policing is, thus, very low

Under the BRICS program, KECOSCE has conducted forums in Tudor area targeting the youth (both from these affluent gated communities and from the slums) with the police to help build these ties. Beatrice Adhiambo has been a beneficiary of these forums. "The first time I attended a youth event in Simitini, Moroto was an eye opener for me. Apart from knowing and appreciating the struggles of fellow youth from this hardship areas, I made good friends from the area. These forums have built my confidence with the police and from time to time, I pass by the police station in Makupa to share information with the OCS."

Police swoops are carried out periodically in these informal settlements like Simitini in Moroto to fish out hiding criminals. In one of the swoops, three of Beatrice's friends were arrested and locked at the Makupa police station.

"Upon receiving this news, I took time to visit the police station as usual we had a chat with the officer, I then raised the issue of the three friends who had been arrested, Luckily, they had not been charged in court yet, and owing to the trust the OCS had on me, my three friends were released and warned not to loiter around suspected criminal hideouts. All this I achieved from the confidence I have built from participating in KECOSCE youth-police engagement activities." 

Ever since Beatrice has added her three friends to a Whatsapp group that the youth and police in Makupa had developed for information sharing and have since become active participants of the group.


Youth challenge activities shine a new down in Likoni Sub-County in regards to youth relations with law enforces
16. 10. 13
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Mombasa has been termed as a hotbed for radicalization and violent extremism. The town has also been fertile ground for sprouting of secessionist groups like the hotspot for MRC which has been demanding for the secession of  the  coast region from the Kenya. For years, youth and law enforcers in Likoni have not been in good terms, a condition which has contributed to security agencies ability to counter violent extremism in Mombasa. Due to the misunderstanding, it was hard for the two crucial sectors of society to build trust and confidence to work together in bid to counter violent extremism in the area.

Women leaders during a training in Tana delta
16. 09. 30
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The cyclic resource based conflicts in Tana Delta Sub County of Tana River has ever been escalating due to the influx of herders who come looking for pasture for their livestock.

In May 2016, the Tana River burst its banks displacing communities living along the river banks as well as cutting off the Malkas- footpaths designated through community agreements as river access points for livestock. 

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Abdulhakim sharing his experience with youth
16. 09. 16
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Seated on a bench in a hall at the Mikindani social hall, two middle aged people are engrossed in a tete-a-tete. The conversation is pegged on the changing times and youth trends in Mombasa. The two have just come from a cafe across the road for a lunch meal. A curious onlooker can easily tell that the two have known each other for some time now, or may be friends.

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Area chief Machache during the conflict resolution meeting
16. 09. 10
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 For a long time Kashani village in Bamburi location has been experiencing cases of land grabbing.  The situation has been catalyzed by youth who invade empty plots and sell them cheaply to unsuspecting clients, thus severely straining the relationship between the youth and land owners.