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Kenya Community Support Centre (KECOSCE) is implementing this "Countering violent extremism through multimedia and forum series" in Mombasa County. The project is targeting youth aged 15 – 25 currently living in Mombasa. The project uses dialogues, and multimedia to engage youth, dissemination of key CVE messages and radio discussions facilitated by local respected personalities ranging from religious, community leaders, local government and youth peers.

Inorder to deepen youth understanding about Violent Extremism, KECOSCE is conducting forums consisting of a screening of the film “Watatu” that depicts the experience of a young coastal Kenyan Muslim man who becomes radicalized and recruited by an Al-Shabaab (AS) affiliate. The film highlights the dangers of participation in violent extremist organization activities and the un-Islamic nature of violent extremist ideology. An experienced facilitate then moderates a discussion with the audience about the film during the forum. The process is video recorded for documentation and analysis. Each forum is attended by not leass than 200 youth and the project anticipates to reach to 1,200 youth in Mombasa within six months who will in turn share the information and skills/knowledge acquired to their peers in their groups, family and at community level.

As part of its public outreach and awareness campaign, KECOSCE is conducting two week radio talk shows. The radio program is being conducted in partnership with Radio Salaam (a local FM radio station with national coverage and listernship of almost 300,000 per day. The discussion features CVE themed discussions with key communicators and will discuss current terrorist activities, the dangers of AS, the advantages of cooperation with moderate Muslim institutions, and cooperation with the government of Kenya. The radio talk shows are conducted through Live airings weekly on Tuesday and Thursday between 1600hrs and 2100hrs local time.

KECOSCE collects data to assess quantitative and qualitative results of amongst the youth focusing on changed attitudes, numbers of your participating and level of tolerance to diversity amongst participating youth population.