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The overall purpose of the programme is to build capacities of the communities to sustainable conserve, manage community assets and establish social enterprise for poverty reduction and wealth creation.

Community economic transformation is a key element of KECOSCEs economic, social and broader sustainability agenda, through this program we aim to create a strong, healthy high income local economy that will underpin much of what the local communities value and desire in life. The specific objective is to empower communities to utilize available resources in their localities, within the county and their environs for poverty reduction and economic development.


Social Enterprises Empowerment in Kinango Sub-County

KECOSCE in partnership with Allavida Kenya and Comic Relief is implementing the community empowerment project in Samburu Division targeting Mtaa, Makamini, Samburu, Chengoni, Taru and MacKinnon Road locations. The project entails capacity building, awareness creation and advocacy. We are working with communities  continued the implementation of the Social enterprise project in Kinango Sub County by increasing the intensity of activities implemented and expanding its reach through the Empowering women and girls to be wealth creators in Kinango project.

Through this project, KECOSCE conducted land forums targeting women in Kinango Sub County focusing on the National Land policy in the constitution, women rights to access and own etc. KECOSCE conducted these forums to increase women ownership of land, enable them to undertake basic small scale enterprises and alleviate poverty in Kinango. KECOSCE also launched the Rasilimali Mfuko Revolving Fund, a local small loan making revolving fund targeting to boost, women groups with small scale business. This has Aloe product making as its brand, in its maiden disbursement 9 community groups benefited thus boosting their business, on the second tranche another 9 groups were loaned to strengthen their businesses.


Research, Documentation and Capacity Building

The objective of this program seeks to build the capacity of the youth to increase resilience to counter violent extremism, create community organizations..... 

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Peace building, conflict mitigation and human security

To contribute to the creation of a prosperous (multi-ethnic and religious) and peaceful society that respects human rights and conforms to good governance by 2015

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Democratic Governance and Human Rights

To enhance capacity of Coastal communities participate in democratic governance and hold state and non-state actors accountable to the public

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