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Potential of Aloe in poverty alleviation in Kinango District


This report is a summary of a work done to asses the suitability of sustainable exploitaion of aloe based products in Kinango District. This work was sponsored by ALLAVIDA for the people of Kinango. Rapid Aloe resource assesment was undertaken in 5 days within the project area and therearfter market surveys in other parts of the counry.

The study showed wide spread aloe species with varied distribution in Kinango. The area has the commercial Aloe secundflora species which has been exploited since 1950‟s in the area for aloe gum. Since then we do not have viable aloe based industry in the area. The report also noted varoius interventions within the district towards aloe promotion. Regardless of this there is no significant out put and impact to positively change the livelihoods of the people of Kinango is insignificant compared to the interventions believed to have been made. Some of the major intervetions are from WWF aloe project in Kwale, CRSP .DANIDA and KECOSCE. However KECOSCE interventions through enhanced governance by formation of Nuru Aloe cooperative and branding of Kinango aloe appear to be in the right step towards a viable aloe industry in the regions.Already there is potential for growth since the community has already donated 22 acre farm at Nuru centre to the cooperative for enhanced production and cooperative management of the affairs of the group with respect to the aloe industry.

Therefore there is need to scale the cooperative‟s activities within Kinango District and also build a pilot Aloe processing unit at Nuru centre based on KECOSCE initiative. There is need to explore possibility of private public partnership like the case of IKHALA of South Africa which brings together comunities through coopertative, private entrepreneur and government through CISR.

This study therefore recommends that a deliberate effort be made to

a) promote good governance in the management of the affairs of Nuru Cooperative

b) Build the capacity of the community forming the membership of Nuru cooperative to enhance aloe production

c) Assist the community to build technologies for aloe value addition and improve market penetration for the aloe –based products

d) Profile the Nuru community and their initiative for improved markets of the products